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April 2, 2012

Seven and a half years!!! Itís hard to believe, but thatís how long it has been since I first opened the Rainbow Sheep Shoppe!! It has been a wonderful journey of meeting many new friends and sharing the joys of watching folks learning new skills and completing beautiful projects that loved ones will cherish for a long time. The Shoppe has been my way of sharing my passionate for Fiber Arts with others.

So to all of you who have given me such happiness along this road, I want to say Thank You!! You have often been a bright, shining light in my day. You have also been a great support to me during some very rough times in my life. Again, Thank You for always being willing to offer a kind word or a helping hand. No words can express how much it meant to me.

It is after much thought that I have come to the decision to close the Shoppe. It has not been an easy or quick decision, and someday I may reopen the Rainbow Sheep Shoppe. But for right now, I need to take more time for the things in my personal life.

I am not going anywhere and Iíll still answer the phone. So if you need some help with a project, you can still give me a call!! And when the weather is a bit warmer, I would like to have an afternoon tea on the deck with anyone who would like to stop over. Iíll send out an email to let everyone know.

Until thenÖ..thank you for seven and a half wonderful yearsÖ.Christina

845-532-0152           rainbowsheepshop@yahoo.com