Day Ten: The End

May 25th, 2009

Today we left the majority of our gear behind and covered 87 miles returning to Londonderry. This put the trip total over 400 miles. We started pedaling before 9am and just barely made it before the sun set. Once, we stopped for Lunch and then later we were forced into an unlikely North Quincy diner by a severe afternoon thunderstorm. As usual, we found people inside who were welcoming and interested in the trip.

Searching for the shortest route home we traveled through Boston and Cambridge. There is a sharp contrast for the cyclist between the two. After dodging cars through Boston, Cambridge provides many designated bike lanes. These are the only dedicated lanes we’ve seen on regular roadways the entire trip. More, please!

Rolling back into my development as if it were any other Sunday evening ride it is still hard to believe the distance we’ve covered! Until next time…

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  2. Grandma and Grandpa says:

    Guys,with sincere apologies,I’ve just finished about 4 paragraphs to you. Then I pressed the tab key and somehow, it all disappeared. So, let simply convey on behalf of grandma and I a sincere congratulation on completing your grand adventure and we look forward to seeing you two sometime this summer. Devon, good luck on your return to Allegro and ,Isaac, we wish you a productive summer with Travellers. Miss you two and love you very much. GM and GP.

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