Day Six: Homeward Bound

May 20th, 2009

Powered by hand delivered homemade treats we turned our backs on Race Point and started wheeling home this morning. We were rewarded today with what will probably be the best riding on the trip as we worked southward taking the scenic route along shores and through protected land. Personally, I also rewarded myself with the creation of a new culinary delight by topping peanut butter cookies with extra peanut butter. :)

It was a 35ish mile day that we ended at Nickerson State Park. This park is convienently located right on the Cape Cod rail trail! There’s been much renovation to facilities here in the last few years and it is a very enjoyable place to stay. It’s nice to be sleeping out in the fresh air again and our hammocks have drawn some interested comments. This is the most publically displayed campsite we’ve had yet. We arrived early and were hoping to find some local social life, but we’re told there is none. Interestingly, locals seem to expect that they will be overrun this weekend and that it will be crazy from there out. Instead, we wet our feet in the lake that is adjacent to our campsite and had dinner at a nearby fish joint.

Keep the sun coming!

2 Responses to “Day Six: Homeward Bound”

  1. Dad says:

    Where are you?

  2. Grandma and Grandpa says:

    Hi boys,
    Well, you guys are fantastic!!!!! Grandma and I can’t believe what you’re accomplishing. What an experience you’ve had. We very much have enjoyed your blog entries. Can you imagine…from silk worms to dust mites, and in addition having to deal with unfriendly P-Town and then wrapping it up with the amount of rains and storms you’ve endured. WOW, you two have passed a significant survival test and are ready to handle ANYTHING.
    We were so pleased that your dad had a chance to catch up with you two. What a nice reunion. I’m sure it was memorable. You know, I’ve at times said that when we get to be 50 or 60, and think back on a lifetime, that we probably will only remember the equivalent of about 15 minutes of real highs and real tragic lows. The rest of our lives may pass our mind as a blur. This journey and meeting up with your dad will surely be one of those special highs. By the way,Isaac, who is Starla?
    For your information, Grandpa went out and got himself a nice map of Mass. to follow your different destination points, as per your blog each. I was able to easily locate the towns. It took just a bit more searching for those parks. However. the one single location that neither grandma nor I could locate was ….THE MANOR. It was not until your dad called us tolet us know of the wonderful time he had with you two that I asked him and found out that that grand location was actually your Hacienda. For a while, grandma and I thought that The Manor might have been an historical monument. We were just out of the loop…oh well.
    The kitchen is almost done withe final item being the installation of our countertops due sometime during the first week in June.
    We love you….we miss you….and we look forward to hugging you two sometime,soon.
    GM and GP

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