Day Five: Visitation

May 20th, 2009

Today we were met in by our father for an afternoon of exploring the town. After Monday afternoon’s exposure to the Cape’s depressing tourism underbelly in Truro, experiencing the central culture and attractions of P-town has been refreshing. It has an authentic culture with the geography of Bar Harbor and the expressive freedom of Woodstock. There is also a unique history of whaling port turned artist village. We are fortunate that tourism season hasn’t yet arrived in force and some of the day-to-day experience here is still visible.

We spent the morning catching up on sleep, cleaning our bikes, and doing our laundry. After days of intermittant rain, there was plenty of accumulated sand, and we needed to replace lost chain lube. I made some experimental front derailer adjustments to ease upshifting that may leave me fiddling for the rest of the trip. The hotel we are staying at did not have an established laundry facility, so we improvised with the use of the bath tub and the room heater. :)

After a viewing of the latest Star Trek movie, we finished the day with dinner at a little tavern identified only as “The Pig”. Again, I enjoyed absorbing the unfamiliar community. It reminded me of the motivation to seek out new digs at home!

Today’s cycling odometer is at 0, which is much needed rest. Tomorrow, we are acclelerating the itinerary and going straight to Nickerson. This will give us an extra rest day on our return. We will add a few miles to experience a little scenic town and seashore riding. Finally, we are expecting a sunny day!

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  1. Crazy Knitter says:

    You 2 are awesome!!! You have certainly earned some rest time!!

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