Hammocks 2, Rain Storms 0

May 17th, 2009

Somehow, the rain forecast for today has improved and we are humid, but dry this morning. Last night it rained steadily for some time and the wind whipped my rain fly around like a dust mite in a box fan and yet the only water in my hammock was from a leaky water bottle! This is the second time we’ve experienced rain in the hammocks since we bought them. When you’re in the hammock, there’s a pretty good view out the sides where you would expect the rain to blow in, but the fly is wide enough that this doesn’t happen as long as all your knots hold.

The KOA is a pretty cushy campground and I have the luxury of charging my phone right now in the laundry room. There is a pool, a playground, a general store, and we’ve been told by other campers that they have WiFi on site. However, our campsite was sufficiently wooded for the hammocks and the grounds quieted down nicely at night.

Off to the next task of the morning: finding some quarters to run the dryer and take the damp out of our clothes.

One Response to “Hammocks 2, Rain Storms 0”

  1. Dad says:

    Very glad to hear the report! So, I had a more challenging time keeping the kayaks secure by the garage then you two did braving a rain even in hammocks!!!!