Day Two: Calm before the storm

May 16th, 2009

Today went very smoothly. :) We saw the first road sign indicating “Cape Cod” and we crossed paths with a small private college graduation. There were no wrong turns, no injuries, and no significant mechanical problems and we arrived at the Boston/Cape Cod KOA after 40.4 miles of pedaling. Our hammocks went up in minutes. Then, we got cleaned up and made dinner of tuna fish, ham, crackers, from the camp store. Some fellow campers let us use their can opener to extract the tuna.

I’m a bit disappointed in my solar charger we rode in good sun for most of the daytoday and it’s only 20% charged. We may have to stop at a coffee shop for an hour tomorrow just to charge the phone.

Speaking of tomorrow, a coffee shop will probably sound pretty good then, because the forecast for the next 24 hours is solid rain. We’ve arranged our campsite to survive a night of rain, but packing up in morning rain doesn’t sound like much fun :/ I’m just hoping that our clothes which we rinsed out this evening dry out in time for our tomorrow’s start.

2 Responses to “Day Two: Calm before the storm”

  1. Dad says:

    Impressive progress! The rain will pass quickly they say. LY

  2. Crazy Knitter says:

    What!! No coffee in the AM….no ways guys. There are priorities in life:) I will try to rouse Ra and speak to him about your need for some sunshine.

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